Save Feet Save Lives

Save Feet Save Lives poster

Over the past few years, by partnering with healthcare professionals, Urgo Medical has gained a deeper understanding of the challenges in diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) care. Among them, a tremendous lack of awareness and education among patients and non-specialist healthcare professionals, leading to:

  • A lack of prevention
  • Delayed identification of patients at risk of developing a DFU
  • Delayed referral to specialist care in case of foot ulceration

To tackle these challenges, together with the scientific community, Urgo Medical has developed Save Feet Save Lives, a campaign with the aim to raise DFU awareness among patients & primary care healthcare professionals.

Visit our educational platforms for patients & primary care healthcare professionals at including information and downloadable resources about diabetes & foot ulceration, DFU prevention steps, and what to do if a blister, cut, or scratch is noticed.

The platform for primary care healthcare professionals also includes information about how to react when a wound is diagnosed: patient referral as soon as possible to a specialized center and implementation of the best DFU Standard of Care including an effective local treatment.  

As a sign of the positive impact the campaign may have for both patients and healthcare professionals, the campaign is endorsed by D-Foot International, the international non-profit organization whose aim is to prevent and reduce the number of lower limb amputations from diabetes worldwide.