Urgo Medical won two prizes at the SAWC Fall 2023

Urgo Medical won two prizes at the SAWC Fall 2023 (Symposium of Advanced Wound Care) for its posters presentations. The SAWC is the annual wound care congress for healthcare professionals (+ 1600 attendees). 

What are poster presentations?

Posters presentations summarize research led in innovative areas of wound care, giving visibility and strength to our solutions. 

In what categories do Urgo Medical won the prizes?

Debashish Chakravarthy, Ph.D, won the “Highest Scoring Poster Abstract in Clinical Research” for Urgo Clean Ag.

🏆Urgo Clean Ag has been studied in both clinical trials, as well in large real life observational studies on a pediatric cohort: they demonstrate its safety and efficacy in supporting the debridement of slough, and overcoming one of the biggest barriers to wound healing, which is the presence of necrotic debris. Pediatric studies in wound care are generally rare, so the selection of this poster abstract is particularly gratifying.

Congrats to Serge Bohbot MD., Urgo Medical Medical Affairs Director, and Laetitia Thomassin, PhD of Urgo Global Medical Affairs, who worked with Debashish Chakravarthy, Ph.D, of Urgo Medical North America, to analyze the pediatric data.

Debashish also won the “Highest Scoring Poster Award in Laboratory Research” for Vashe.

🏆 In this poster, Vashe was studied to demonstrate the dissolution of artificial wound eschar in a time dependent manner. This poster confirmed that Vashe can help promote the removal of wound slough and debris

Congrats to Vincent Peyrou, PhD of our Research, Innovation & Development teams, Svetlana Panicheva Ph.D, and Debashish Chakravarthy!
Our Research, Innovation & Development teams also thank the poster production group at Urgo Medical North America.

Urgo Medical North America can be proud of these awards that embody the way we work at Urgo Medical: we create innovative and effective solutions supported by clinical evidence, with a winning mindset.