Women & Girls in Science at Urgo Medical

Did you know? Over 68% of our team working in our Research, Innovation and Development departments are women. We met seven of them to know what drives them on a daily basis, and how they envision the future for women and girls in science. 

At Urgo Medical, we believe in science.

Every day the women and men of our departments change patients’ lives by imagining and developing unique evidence-based solutions in wound care.

On the occasion of the International Day of Women & Girls in Science, we asked seven women from our RID department what drives them on their day-to-day work, and how they see the future of science for girls and women.

Their answers? 

They all share a passion for their profession, a never-ending curiosity, and a great perseverance to carry out high-impact projects for patients.

They are also enthusiastic about seeing the barriers to entering and pursuing a scientific career disappear more and more for women over time, enabling new perspectives and bringing #diversity to these fields.

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Thank you to 
Myriam Hurtiger
manon desplanches
Tiffany Thevenard
Nathalie LUX
Aurélie Charre
Marielle Bouschbacher
and Julie Changenet

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